View, fill and submit forms using the HTML5-based Snapform Viewer. 

The following form sample was originally designed in Word, converted to PDF and imported into Snapform Designer as a background image. In a subsequent step, interactive elements were added. Finally, the form was uploaded to Snapcloud, our online repository for forms, and given an individual Web ID: rg-dP6BYIng. We used the Snapform JavaScript API to embed the form in WordPress (see below).

List of demo functions

The following functions are available in this demo: 

  • Navigate within form pages using thumbnails
  • Keyboard navigation through form fields
  • Toggle between full/fitted screen
  • Page fitting and zooming
  • Native copy/paste
  • Font and special character support




  • BIDI support 
  • Form filling 
  • Formulas (e.g. calculation)
  • Required validation rules and immediate feedback 
  • Form submit that creates an XML or QDF file on the background to be stored

Distributing the Snapform form

The uploaded and published form can be shown on the website, or the Snapform Viewer JavaScript API can be used to embed it in any web page that accepts JavaScript (like above). With the Web ID (rg-dP6BYIng), the form provider can create different links to distribute the form. 

Shortened URL:
Long (full) URL:

Snapform Viewer embedding JavaScript API: 
<script src=”” language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”></script> <ringler:snapform ref=”rg-dP6BYIng” height=”900px” fit=”content”></ringler:snapform>

Notice! This demo is published to provide an insight into the future version of Snapform. It only features the main functions. We are in the process of implementing new functions. Please contact us for the current status of development or for any services that we offer.


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