Snapform Commander

An effective command line tool for mass-processing Snapform electronic forms.

Optimize your workflows and increase your productivity by eliminating unnecessary manual interactions. With just a small investment, you get more out of Snapform electronic forms:  Snapform Commander silently performs repetitive and combined tasks such as mail merge, PDF generation, form prefilling, data extraction and export operations. You can now integrate your electronic forms smoothly and seamlessly in your existing IT landscape.

Key features


Prefill forms with data. Merge data from XML or CSV with a Snapform document such as addresses or data from your ERP. Eliminate manual interactions and input errors.

Data Extraction

Export form data and create reports. Analyze incoming, filled Snapform documents by extracting and exporting their content to XML or CSV.

Output Operations

Create PDF files for archiving or batch print your forms. Silently print multiple forms in the background or produce PDF/A compliant files for archiving.

Out-of-the-box command lines

QDF to PDF          Batch convert QDF files to PDF

QDF to PRINT       Batch print QDF files 

QDF to CSV          Merge data from multiple QDF forms into a CSV file

XML to QDF          Merge XML data with a QDF template and create prefilled QDF files

XML to PDF           Merge XML data with a QDF template and create prefilled PDF files

XML to PRINT       Merge XML data with a QDF template and print the result mail merge

CSV to PRINT       Merge data from a CSV file with a QDF template and print the result

CSV to QDF          Merge data from a CSV file with a QDF template and create new QDF file



Per single user

CHF 2 990 ,- 


For up to 5 users

CHF 4 990,-  


Unlimited users per company/subsidiary

CHF 8 990,- 


Unlimited users per company

on request 

Download our full Price list as an interactive QDF file or as a PDF. The prices are in CHF, excluding the VAT and local taxes. 


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