Over a million users across all industries rely on Snapform for fast electronic forms processing and a better service experience. In addition to our standard suite of products, we have developed many custom solutions for our clients. Here is an extract of our recent showcases.    


Snaptax™ F.685 - Form 685 generator for financial institutions

Industry: Finance and banking
 In order to comply with the new regulations regarding IQA-UK, Swiss financial institutions have to submit monthly reports to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) based on the disclosure orders received from the FTA. Banks would like to make the form filling process more automated in order to speed up the workflow and prevent errors.  
 Snaptax™ F.685 provides a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution for the reporting process of form 685. The 2D barcode on each disclosure order can be scanned using a handheld scanner. An XML file is then filled with this data. The data in the XML file can be supplemented directly on-screen. Several cross-checks ensure that the user input complies with the form requirements.

Snaptax then generates report form 685 using the validated XML file. The result can be stored either as a “flat” PDF or an editable QDF file by means of the free Snapform Viewer. Alternatively, Snaptax can send the result directly to the printer. 



 Industry: Government
Challenge: Each month, the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) receives hundreds of printed and signed information request forms (F.685) from Swiss financial institutions. The form itself is filled in using Snapform Viewer and is printed with up to nine 2D barcodes representing the data entered by the user. The FTA was looking for a reliable and efficient way to capture and post-process the 2D barcodes using standard handheld barcode scanners. 
 Snapscan™ offers an intuitive interface to capture multiple 2D barcodes on a form in a guided order by means of a handheld scanner. After all barcodes in a form have been scanned, the data is assembled, decompressed, transformed to XML and stored. Once all forms have been captured, the batch can be completed by merging all single XML files into one large XML file for further processing by the FTA.


Account opening forms

Industry: Finance and banking
Challenge: Opening a bank account can be a challenging task, both for the client and the consultant. Depending on the client’s service needs and background, banks have to prepare various forms in different languages. In order to save time and prevent errors, the same information (e.g. personal data, account numbers) should only be entered once. Furthermore, the consultant should be able to switch between different languages without the need to re-enter data (e.g. fill in the form in English and print it out in Spanish). Last but not least, because form changes are made frequently, maintaining these changes should be made as easy as possible.
 The Snapform Account Opening solution consists of a multilingual set of forms. The consultant is able to assemble all required forms into one single document simply by clicking on the required elements. Consistency checks ensure that the document is completed accurately and no information is missing. The printouts are available in the client’s preferred language and in different formats (e.g. A3/Duplex). Once a form is updated, the new PDF background image can be imported with just a few mouse clicks.


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