Snapform Viewer


Fill, save, print and submit interactive forms in a snap. The free and fully functional Snapform Viewer ensures that data entered in the form is accurate and complies with the rules and regulations set by the form owner.

  • Free
  • User-friendly and secure
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Key features

Fill in

Filling in forms with Snapform Viewer is a breeze. Data is entered directly into the zoomable forms on screen. Automatic calculations and contextual help ensure that all your entries are accurate at all times during the input process.


The inbuilt form checker automatically validates your entries to ensure that your form has been completed properly before submission. Invalid or incomplete fields are listed and error messages are displayed.


Saving your form entries with Snapform Viewer is always free and will never require any additional fees (unlike some other form products). The open *.QDF file format is XML based and accessible with third-party tools.


A sophisticated printing engine ensures that your forms are printed exactly as required. Do you need to print on the original paper forms? Don’t worry –Snapform Viewer will take care of this and any other challenges.


E-filing with Snapform Viewer is fast and easy. If your form is configured for e-filing, it can be sent through safe and secure SSL channels. If security is less important, you can also share the form by email.

Archive and share

You can always export your Snapform document to PDF/A or extract its data to XML and CSV. The XML based Snapform QDF file format lets you share and exchange form data easily with other applications.


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