Snapform Designer


Turn your paper forms and PDF files into interactive electronic forms. Create and distribute easy-to-use electronic forms in a snap! Collect data using the platform independent, free Snapform Viewer

  • Import PDF to the forms background
  • Drag & drop preformatted input controls
  • Add forms logic with Excel-like formulas 
  • Configure submission option for print, email and e-filing
  • Distribute your forms for free 
  • Collect data on Windows and Mac or online via the Snapform browser applet

Key features

Layout design and PDF import

Start the form design process by simply importing existing PDF files to the form background. Or create your form layout from scratch using various design elements and page layouts.

Input controls

Input controls are the interactive components in your form’s user interface. Adding an input control to your UI is as simple as drag and drop. Use wide variety of controls in your UI; such as text fields, numbers, dates, multiline text, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes and tables. 

Custom style sheets

To ensure full brand consistency for all forms in the future, use custom style sheets or import ready branded style sheets into your form templates.

More than 100 predefined formulas and functions

Adding formulas and functions to your form is as easy as using Excel. Over 100 predefined operations, formulas and functions support you when it comes to adding intelligence to your form.

1D- / 2D barcodes

Bridge the media gap by using 1D and 2D barcodes. Snapform supports most 1D barcodes and the following 2D barcodes: PDF417. Macro PDF417, Aztec, QR code and Datamatrix. The content of the barcode can be filled dynamically during form filling.

Validation rules

Validation rules can be set for each input control or at form level. The form designer can determine the validation rules and whether incomplete forms can be printed or submitted. The formatting is checked immediately during form filling.  Incorrect input formats are prohibited and error messages are shown automatically.


Ensure more security for the forms with advanced form rights and permissions, enhanced rights management or customization of the Snapform Viewer toolbar.  


With the easy-to-integrate e-filing feature, end users can securely upload the Snapform form (QDF, XML data and form or PDF format) to a specific server using HTTP/HTTPS upload.


Form distribution based on your workflow. The light and secure file-based format (.QDF) lets you distribute the interactive forms on any online service or any file system to be downloaded, copied and/or sent as an email attachment. We can also help you create an online form service for easy distribution.

Pricing: Snapform Designer 5.x   


Perfect for the straightforward creation of electronic forms.

The Standard edition of Snapform Designer includes a large set of customizable input controls such as text, numbers, dates, checkboxes and radioboxes, dropdown fields and picture upload. It also supports the following features:


Enhanced feature set for advanced form creators

The Snapform Designer Professional edition comes with the following additional features:


Fully functional design environment, optimized for e-filing.

The Enterprise edition contains all features of the Standard and Professional edition, plus:


  • Custom defined page sizes
  • PDF import
  • Design objects (labels, shapes, etc.)
  • 100+ predefined, Excel-like formulas
  •  Input formatting (roundings, boxed input, country-specific number and date formatting, etc.)
  • Input validation (min/max values, etc.)
  • Password protection for design mode
  • Email submission
  • XML support for QDF forms
  • Enhanced function editor
  • Enhanced rights management
  • Style sheet editor
  • Configurable email submission


  • Table control
  • Support for dynamic 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Customizable command toolbar for Snapform Viewer
  • Secure e-filing via REST service (HTTPS upload)

CHF 490,- 

/ per user *

Free online support for 3 months.

CHF 990,- 

/ per user *

 Free online support for 6 months.

CHF 1 990,- 

/ per user *

Free online support for 1 year.

 * Single user licence. For team or site licences, you can find our full price list here  (QDF / PDF). 
Prices are quoted in CHF, excluding VAT and local taxes

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